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The meaning of the name Caouet is discussed. Some see it as a corruption of the word cat – Huant , the other a diminutive stone : some, a hat or part of the cape, amice , the canons and the singers wore on their left arms. In addition, a Raymond Cayouette has compiled a list of seventy-five different ways to write the name of Caouet to kaouet through Gaouette ways. The litany can lull the most fervent down .

A black bird jackdaw , a closely related species of the crow and raven popular name for an owl and is the origin of some nicknames that are part of our heritage, variable frequency . This is the case of Cahu , of Picardy origin, and its dimunitif Cahouet Caouet or , more common in Quebec in the feminine form Caouette .

Four immigrants Caouet

History has given us the names of four immigrants Caouet during the French period of our epic.

Simon Caouet : of unknown origin , identified servant Jacques Ménard said Lafontaine , Trois -Rivières in 1667 , died unmarried in Boucherville . He was buried January 21, 1701 .

Christophe Caouet : born about 1680, son of Christopher and Anne Masure , of the parish of St. Michael Bourgeois, Orléans, practiced first soldiering before finally settling in Canada . In 1700 he was at Port Royal as a partner of John Labate . October 20, 1704, he married Marie- Anne Maisonnat , daughter of Peter and Judith Soubirous . We know their two girls and a boy.

Two other Caouet came to New France and made strain : Pierre and Gilles . Gilles , born about 1725 in St- Louis -de -Brest in Brittany, son of Henry and Mariette Emery, came to Canada as a gunsmith. After his marriage to Marie Methot, May 12, 1750 , in Quebec , we find him in Montreal a few years later , in 1758 in Longueuil , and then rue Couillard St- Jean in Quebec City until 1772. Finally , Gilles went with the father of the brush Bonaventure where he was buried June 20, 1803 . It has a descent that Hull in Percé, rubs the stone Caouet .

Big surprise caused by the discovery of Father Richard J. Arthur ! A son named Joseph Gilles , probably browser or fisherman, November 9, 1784 , wife in Nantes , Brittany, Elizabeth Leblanc, native of Acadie, daughter of the late Pierre Leblanc and Marguerite Gaudreau . The new couple Leblanc- Caouette decided the following year to go find the Acadians of Louisiana. June 11 , 1785, Joseph , Elizabeth and their first – born Jacques , join the passengers of the ship bound for Beaumont Bayou Country , where they landed on 19 August . This Caouet Joseph , a native of Cap-St -Ignace, took root in Louisiana. On 28 October 1947, one of his descendants became auxiliary bishop of New Orleans , Bishop Abel Caillouet .

Pierre Breton Caouet

As Gilles Caouet the arnurier Peter was born in Britain , specifically the town of Landerneau .

The Finistere department has four districts : Quimper, Châteaulin , Morlaix and Brest. At the bottom of the huge harbor of Brest on the Atlantic is Landerneau head of the estuary of the Elorn coastal river . The chief town of the district was apparently at the time of the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus , a stop on the road from Carhaix to Brest. A hermit , healthy Ernoc , there have founded a monastery in the seventh century . Today , eight Landerneau with its seaport, the center rail , its factories and institutions, remains a very quiet town , which has earned the ironic saying passed into a proverb : << There will be noise Landerneau > ! >

Pierre, born about 1669 according to his burial certificate , son of John and Mary Caouet Valley , one day left his quiet town , which was under the authority of the Episcopal Diocese of Tréguier for adventure on the high seas and come to Canada. It appears in our records in 1693. At that time , immigrants were often soldiers or tradesmen. As Pierre Caouet does not have a nickname , we must conclude that he was not a soldier. He may be known in Canada by Breton cod fishing or as a fisherman himself. Fetched hypothesis ? …

The whole question remains , how to Caouet Pierre is he slipped into the stronghold Vincelotte , Mission Cap-St -Ignace or dedicated to St. Ignatius of Loyola. Genevieve Chavigny , widow of Charles Amiot , received the concession territory November 3, 1672 . Before remarrying with Jean- Baptiste Couillard, Sieur de Espinay she gave his fief to his son Charles- Joseph Amiot, 14 October 1680 . It is the latter who watched the development of inheritance, when Peter Caouet appeared in 1693 as the official r.sident in this corner of the earth . It is not possible to imagine Peter out as a water god Neptune to marry the beautiful Princess Anne Gaudreau . Pierre had to work on behalf of the Lord or one of the few landowners around , get his land grant and build his house before considering foyer.L base its operation may last four or five years.

The founding family of Gilles Gaudreau and Anne Pineau said Laviéville left the Ile d’Orléans , about 1698 , and settled in Cap-St -Ignace . The Ainée their daughters , born December 5, 1672 , was baptized in Ste- Famille, IO , six days later. Sponsor: Julien Saugrenon ; godmother, Anne Lemaitre, wife of Adrien Blanquet said Lafougère ; priest, Father Pierre Benoit Duplain , serving the parish .

Anne Gaudreau conquered the heart of Pierre Caouet . The religious wedding ceremony was marked by great simplicity, in the church of Cap-St -Ignace, church disappeared in the river, in a landslide to 1744. Cookies are appointed Philippe Destroismaisons said Picard, local resident for more than twelve years, Jean Fournier , Mary’s husband Roy, widow of Jean Gaudreau . Abbé Pierre Francheville , devout and active resident in Rivière- Ouelle, had moved to chair the upcoming nuptials in Cap -St -Ignace, this Tuesday, July 27, 1693 .

The marriage of the stem family was celebrated in Caouet stepfather Gaudreau .

ROOTSWEB entry for Alphonse’s Father/Grandfather:


D: I112730

  • Name: Julien Gaouet
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1823 in St Denis Sur Richelieu,St Hyacinthe,QuebecFather: Julien Gaouet b: ABT 1793 in , Quebec
    Mother: Emilie Pare b: ABT 1798 in , Quebec

    Marriage 1 Lucie Faneuf b: ABT 1828 in , Quebec

    • Married: 10 OCT 1848 in St Denis sur Richelieu, Quebec 1


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