Julien Gaouette, b.30 Mar 1823 in St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Qc

Married Lucie Faneuf / Phennauf / Fennef

Parents of Joseph Alphonse Gaouette


Snippets of my booklet, for Yves:



This concise translation of ‘the story’, was given to me by:

Cathie-Anne Dupuis 1st Auxiliaire de recherche – département d’histoire chez Université de Montréal

“It says that he was ‘kidnapped’ at the age of 5 and an old metis person living in the Nation has said to him that he knows where he came from and could help him escape (he was around 15 years old). The old men gave him clothes, food, and raquette (I don’t know how to say it in English .. snowshoeing maybe?) and the way to go. So the kid escaped when his ‘master’ was out hunting. When the master realizes that the kid was gone, he went looking for him with his dog, he couldn’t find him because the snow has buried his footprints. So the kid found his family with the instructions of the Metis, he could remember everyone and his name. That’s basically that! The story doesn’t tell, but it looks like the walk home would have taken 2 days.”