U.S.  Navy

In 1986, I entered boot camp at Great Lakes, Ill.
I attended Advanced First term Aviation (AFTA)school in Millington, TN
I graduated, and received the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.
I received orders to a Pre-Commission A6 squadron in Virginia Beach, VA
I attended FRAMP School(VA-42)
That squadron never formed, and so whilst awaiting alternate orders, I spent my days  in the squadron print shop.
I was then assigned to VA-75, the World Famous Sunday Punchers!
Shortly after joining VA-75, I was advanced to Petty Office 2nd Class, which made me uneasy, as I was now a senior person in the shop, with numerous minions under me, who were far smarter about fleet & squadron life than I was.. 
1st cruise was 1988-1989 Med Cruise
2nd was Desert  Storm, gone 7 and a half months from home
Honorably discharged in 1992, with a nice pile of ribbons & medals, new friends, and a wealth of experiences & stories that  I'd take home to Maine with me