Some stuff I’ve done lately, in an effort to get over myself…   🙂


Songs to Code By

Songs to Code By was an idea handed to me by a good friend at a former place of work, who shall remain gloriously and humbly nameless.

It was simply that a collection of music should be made in order to have on hand to listen to while coding….

 ps. these songs are my first project mixing/etc using Presonus, and so things are well…yo know, not quite
ready for prime time, but it was fun. I may go back & remix/re-master at some point, especially Milestones, as some
tunes would be worth it.
Feel free to right-click & download the tunes HERE

Technical stuff

My name is Rich, and I’m the guy behind the music.

For you musician types interested in the instruments used, they are as follows:

Electric guitar is a 1987 Ibanez RG-550 in Road Flare Red

Classical is a Gianinni

Bass is a Peavey..something or other

Keyboard is a M-audio Keystation-88

A Roland JV1010 is used on some tracks

Uilleann pipes are Childress concert half set

Whistles are Generation in various keys: as well as a Chieftain Low D

Microphones are Oktava MK219 (modded version imminent!)

Mic cables are cheap ones

All are played into a Presonus Firepod /FireWire into Presonus Studio One v.2 Pro

running on a Dell\Windows7 Pro/64-bit

**Downloadable songs are encoded as MP3 at 256K