gow ette'

My Song

Released January, 2010, this is our first full-length CD, featuring 11 new songs. In this fuller, yet still intimate album, Spring’s love of Celtic music is evident as she plays the Celtic Lap Harp on To Hear Your Voice, and the penny whistle on All Creatures….



Some stuff I’ve done lately, in an effort to get over myself…   🙂


Songs to Code By

Songs to Code By was an idea handed to me by a good friend at a former place of work, who shall remain gloriously and humbly nameless.

It was simply that a collection of music should be made in order to have on hand to listen to while coding….

 ps. these songs are my first project mixing/etc using Presonus, and so things are well…yo know, not quite
ready for prime time, but it was fun. I may go back & remix/re-master at some point, especially Milestones, as some
tunes would be worth it.
Feel free to right-click & download the tunes HERE

Technical stuff

My name is Rich, and I’m the guy behind the music.

For you musician types interested in the instruments used, they are as follows:

Electric guitar is a 1987 Ibanez RG-550 in Road Flare Red

Classical is a Gianinni

Bass is a Peavey..something or other

Keyboard is a M-audio Keystation-88

A Roland JV1010 is used on some tracks

Uilleann pipes are Childress concert half set

Whistles are Generation in various keys: as well as a Chieftain Low D

Microphones are Oktava MK219 (modded version imminent!)

Mic cables are cheap ones

All are played into a Presonus Firepod /FireWire into Presonus Studio One v.2 Pro

running on a Dell\Windows7 Pro/64-bit

**Downloadable songs are encoded as MP3 at 256K