A few years ago, I bought myself one of those 18" Central Machinery benchtop lathes.
I quickly discovered that this lathe was not going to support building an Irish bagpipe chanter...so...
I then added an 18" bed extension
I acquired a NOVA 4 jaw chuck, a 3 jaw, drill chuck.. and despite the less than amusing method of changing speeds, it's probably been a good learning machine for me. I still use it, but do look forward to someday upgrading..

One immediate challenge for me is the long hole boring.
Because I've set out to make an Uilleann chanter, I need to be able to produce a conical bore...and it has been a learning curve so far! I'm pretty old school as it were, in my approach. No gun drills, or fancy stuff.. after all, I'm not looking to become a Pro maker by any stretch of the word.
I also make replica wooden medieval shields!
You can find some info here on my shields
Ready for toneholes
A purpleheart chanter in the making
Don't breathe it in..
Chipping away..
Purpleheart chanter
Purpleheart mount
I also make replica medieval shields.
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