work log


Radiator is back in

I’m not putting the AC components back in: doubtful I’ll have that system working…but I’ll hang into the gear just because..



Harmonic Balancer is in


Bought a puller set, & yanked the Harmonic Balancer…



Radiator & shroud are out!





Put in a new set of points, & new condenser


It appears that my Harmonic Balancer might need replacing. Upon finding TDC(using the tool), TDC mark was sitting at around 12:00…not good

I’ve got the A/C condenser out, A/C hardlines, and have the radiator bracket free.. I’m looking to remove the radiator to facilitate getting to the HB



Finally got around to finding TDC:  Promptly discovered that two plug wires were crossed


Re-installed the drivers seat… sooo much easier to get in & out of the thing.

Go figure…



Installed the new start switch , and she’s starting up like a champ…


Finally found a Alternator belt that seems to do the job.. Though I think I might need to shim the alternator so it doesn’t rub against the PS pump..

New plugs, wires, coil  It’s nice to her it running again..


8/12.. a year older yesterday.. 🙂

I installed new plugs, wires, and coil(discovered that the coil has to sit horizontally, in order to fit the primary coil wire…so, sanded & painted the bracket.


The new(used) tall Micky Thompson Valve Covers..



So, when I got the cool M/T valve covers on, the tallness precluded the alternator from sitting where it was , by just a little…. 1″ or so

I bought a belt at Napa that I thought might fit the bill(pulley)…. it didn;t sit down into the pulley properly, but I thought, “ahhh it might work….”

Nope. Upon starting, the belt flew off in short order.

Sooo, I’m currently waiting on the right width(3/8″) belt to land in the post: then, I’ll get it installed, & see if I can start this bad boy….

Found an old vintage Dwell meter on ebay.. waiting to see if it works..

7/31:  Valve cover studs on order…

7/22: With Levi’s help, wrapped the headers.. interesting working with those s/s tie-wraps.

*hint*-it goes muuuch better if you have one of these(I made my own)

Got both headers installed, after much fussing.. had to go from the bottom up through.



Also, here are my “new” valve covers, ala ebay:




7/9: Unhooked & removed the heater/AC control.

Going to replace the start switch, and generally try & organise this mess..


This orange wire is in terrible shape.

It obviously shorted out , as it’s bare in many places. The section you see between the elec tape, is completely bare.

Not sure yet, what this wires function was…


7/8: Removed both seats, & the carpet.

Found those sunglasses, along with a large amount of acorns, a pocket knife, fuses…and about $3.00 in change




7/5:  Removed last two manifold bolts, yaay!

Extracted the broken valve cover bolt.

Chased the passenger side valve cover & exhaust manifold bolt seats.

Next up: chase driver side seats.





7/2: 90% out… the Diablo Demon sawzall bit was very key to this…




I’m attempting removal of the passenger side exhaust manifold.

It’s going…poorly.

In short, I’ve got it stuck/wedged etc to where the middle two bolts are all that are holding it on.

I suspect that perhaps I’ve bent the studs just enough to hang onto it..




Drivers side flange:they escaped breakage







You can see the uncapped/unused vacuum line sticking out from the carb…

That now has a cap on it.




The Sawzall made short work of slicing up the pipe.



Soooo, now I’m looking at removing the manifold.

So far, 1 bolt turned ok, 2nd is rounded….

Sooo, now I’ve got a set of spiral extraction sockets on order.


I cut off the pipes, and  removed the exhaust from the manifolds.

Sadly, the passenger side flange bolts all snapped off…


6/2023 – Replaced the free floating starting wire with a pushbutton, eliminated xmission park switch, as linkage was binding: now the key comes out.